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About Us

At Coastal Cavy Guinea Pig Rescue our mission is to provide a safe space for humans and guinea pigs alike. We aim to supply our community with the resources and knowledge to provide the best care for our furry friends as well as offer support to little piggies that are looking for a new home.

How to Help


We are always looking for those that are willing to donate their time/skills. Whether you'd like to help with our social media outreach or something more hands on please contact us and we can collaborate!

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Our rescue is run with the help of multiple foster homes. If you think you are ready to welcome a furry friend into your home please reach out! We provide you with a "starter kit" as well as medical care.

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If you are unable to help by volunteering or fostering, any donations are greatly appreciated! Please use the link below to access our Amazon Wish List. Please reach out to us via email to set up a time/day to drop off.

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Press the button below to view all of our adoptable piggies! We even include piggies that are unavailiable at the moment but may be available in the future.

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